Someday - Gotta be ready when he calls my name

The title song contains the line „Someday - Gotta be ready when he calls my name.“ Be ready, when it is time. This request is sung in many languages. God loves all men and wants, that everyone gets saved and that we turn to the truth. We don´t have to lead a senseless life, we don't have to break due to the lies of our society and get lost. Naturally God prepared rest, peace and love for us, but they are fading behind the cold activity of this world as the title picture suggests. People are pushed aside.
But Jesus keeps people in the center and invites us: „Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.“* For this reason God sent his son, Jesus. Who trusts Jesus and follows him to God will be ready and achieves security, peace and rest. Do you want to come to an inner peace and experience the love of God? Then just visit one of our communities ( in your vicinity and - together with others - get to know God. God wants to be an awesome God for you too and he wants, that you feel his love. Learn to trust God as a father and find joy and hope even in difficult times.
We hope, that you will be lead by the Holy Spirit and that some day you can join the singing of the introduced songs to praise and honor God and his Son with all your heart. Halleluja.
*(Bible, Matthew 11:28)