It is achieved!

It took approximately 2 years, until we can present that, on which many already waited for a long time. The first church CD of the International Church of Christ Berlin is produced!
And the term „church CD“ is to be taken quite literally, because so many of us participated in that CD, that one can regard it as a work of the church. Therefore lots of thanks to all, which put in their talent. Also thanks to all, which waited with patience for this CD.
A reason for the long duration of the production laid in the understandable fight for the appointments with the about 30 singers. A typical answer was: „Well, I feel honoured that you approached me ... - however in the next 6 to 8 weeks I have no time.“ Finally we found a date in the distant future and the work could begin. Others had gotten wind of the project and constantly asked: „When will the CD (finally) be finished?“ The answer to it could only be: „Patience however you require to receive the promised!“*
Nearly all participants had never sung in a studio and at first were accordingly insecure. After we recorded a few takes, everyone enjoyed it. (Some even did not want to stop any more!) In the end the process of designing and preparation for the printing took more time, than we thought at first.

How did it actually come to the idea to produce this CD?

We sat together with a coffee and Andreas had the idea to produce a church CD, since he likes the songs of the church and he would like to hear them elsewhere. (at home, in the car or on journeys.)
We stated the fact that both of us regard spiritual music as an important part of our personal praise of God and decided to record a CD, which would inspire and please us and other Christians. - the idea was born.
While Markus did all the organizational and artistic work, Andreas was responsible for the financing, internet appearance and sales.
Originally the arrangements of the songs were supposed to be close to the versions of our church service. However with time going by they evolved to music pieces which are not only interesting to visitors of church services.
Unfortunately we could not consider personal desires for songs, otherwise we would have had to record half of our song book! Our intention is to please different preferences by a broad choice of songs and with different arrangements. We hope this turned out well - but now have fun ...

Markus Maleyka, Andreas Weber in September 2005

*(freely translated after Hebrews 10:36)