At communion we want to look at Jesus, our Lord. He gave up his worldly life and by that set us free from the burden of sin. (John 15:13, 1. John 3:16)

Jesus could have prevented his death by calling twelve legions of angels. (Matthew 26:53)

But Jesus chose to suffer for you and me. Jesus had to suffer for you and me to save us. He did this out of love to you and me.

He trust us now to show others the love, which he demonstrated at the cross, because we are his body. (John 13:34, 1.Corinthians 12:27)

In a body every bodypart has its task. (1.Corinthians 12:28-31, ...) As parts of the body, you have a task and may it be very small. You are needed, because you are important for the body. Your gift is needed by the body of Christ! Or do you know a bodypart, which doesn't have a function for the body?

The biggest task is to love others. (1.Corinthians 12:31b-13:13).

I ask you "Owe no man any thing, but to love one another: for he that loves another has fulfilled the law." (Romans 13:8)

"As every man has received the gift, even so minister the same one to another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God." (1.Peter 4:10)

It is enough to serve with what you got from God. Not everybody has to serve in the same way. There are so many gifts.

Mostly the gift, which you got is something, which you enjoy.

Lots of you can sing great, or help other, organize, research biblical truth, give to the poor, help in the service, pray for the community and more.

I didn't name everything, what is done here.
But everything is an expression of love between the children of God. Everything serves the body of Christ and gloryfies God. (1.Peter 4:11)

God chose us as representants. He did this to strenghten the body of Christ through your gifts. It shall be a healthy body.

This only works in community. If a part draws back, the body will become sick and weak.

I drew back as well for a while, because of errors which I saw. Because of the errors I even baptised myself (in 2000), because I didn't know, who (which congregation - all make mistakes) should baptise me. So I did my own thing, I had a Internet community and communicated with them via a forum, newsletters or email. But after soem years, I noticed, that I need a real community. Real people. I come to our church since 1998 and so we started studying again and I was baptised in our church in 2003. Since then I am a real part of the body and try to use my gifts for the body of Christ.

When bread and wine are passed out, you may think about, what gifts God gave to you and how you use them for Gods community or how you can use them better. (1.Corinthians 10:16b-17)

How do you show your love to the children of God, how to God, how to Jesus?
How your thankfullness? (Matthew 26:28)

The bread (Luke 22:19) represents the body of Christ. Take it only, if you want to be part of the body of Christ. (Acts 20:28)(1.Corinthians 11:27-28)(John 15:14-17)
The wine represents the blood of Jesus. He suffered a lot for us, so it is ok for us to suffer a little for others. (1.Corinthians 10:16a)

Look at the love of Jesus and learn to love like him by following him.

May God be honored. Amen.

Harry will pray now for bread and wine ...


I am very thankful for the gifts, which God gave to me. By my job I have the opportunity to see people all over the world. It is great to see, that everybody basically has the same needs: To love and to be loved.

We will have a big summer retreat of the European churches. Europe grows together again. Last year there was a biblical study tour, were I think we made a breakthrough with the London churches. We know, it is best to cooperate. So I am looking forward to the summer retreat in Finnland, were desciples of the European churches can enjoy each other and glorify God.

Last time, when I came to Bangalore my heart was very touched by a sister, who offered to give some money to you. My heart was so touched, because she doesn't even know you. Some like to give. So I could bring books, and clothes.

When you give, just remember, that you give back, what God has given to you. Thank you.
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